The Arts of Humanity (AofH)

The Arts of Humanity is a 501c3 organization that celebrate creative humanitarianism.

We recognize the power of the arts to propel humanity. We shine the spotlight on and support Creative Do-Gooders who use the arts to promote love and to heal social wounds..


The Arts of Humanity (The AofH) is a non-partisan organization that cares about supporting and shining the spot-light on creative humanitarians and their varied causes. The world is full of humane obstacles; we believe that by supporting creative Do-Gooders, that we ultimately lend our support to all in the name of humanity. 



The AofH has a strong focus on using the arts to promote healthy, yet independent thought & actions, create content that is socially relevant & entertaining, and unify art lovers while doing good.






AofH Programs 





Our academic enrichment piece that teaches students how to become creative Do-Gooders.  


We work with and support artists and arts organizations in the Midwest. This is our way of doing-good.  

AofH Productions

AofH Productions houses The FAHF Awards and the web series The Arts of HumaniTEA. 


A character building enrichment piece and  volunteer initiative that teaches youth how to be creative humanitarians. 

The Who CARES curriculum uses collaboration with peers and larger communities, strategies to motivate, authentic learning experiences, extension activities, and opportunities for student choice to engage students with the lessons in the curriculum.

The mission of Who CARES is to teach  youth how to be memorable, effective, and  creative humanitarians/caring citizens. We use the arts as our major source for creativity.

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A Volunteer Campaign made up of  Do-Gooders looking for creative and engaging service projects.   

AofH CARES ( short for Arts of Humanity CARES) is our volunteer initiative that brings together aspiring and current humanitarians for creative projects. It's easier making a difference in this world while connecting with those who have shared interests, and AofH shared interest is a love for creativity and the arts.

When AofH CARES supports creative organizations, non-profits, and other entities, a representative or small group:

  • help with one time service projects such as but not limited to arts and craft for all ages, cleanup projects, organizing and decorating, set volunteers, reading to all ages, mentoring, painting projects, gardening, item collection, and so on; and
  • attend  concerts, screenings, readings, exhibits, and so on (free or fee/ticket based).

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AofH Productions

Click here for The FAHF Awards

AofH (Arts of Humanity) Productions produces content that uses creative arts to highlights the  reality of humanity using! We create and develop content that blends reality, humanity, and arts & entertainment. Our most popular production is The FAHF Awards.

Here's an overview of some of our content in development:

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Check out our YouTube channel to watch our videos including The FAFH Awards, HumaniTEA, and Behind the Scenes at The FAHF Awards.

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