Fashion and Arts Humanity Fete ( FAHF) Nomination are now open, and we hope you nominate some of your favorite creative humanitarians. But don’t think your nomination means nothing.

Research, and science have shown the benefits of recognition and award shows like Fashion and Arts Humanity Fete. Although FAFH is mostly a peer-to-peer driven celebration, the excerpts below from the article ” The Psychology of Employee Recognition” written by Anthony Luciao points out interesting facts about recognition and human nature.

According to psychologist Abraham Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs model, the third level of human needs – after the need for food and safety – involves feelings of belonging and love. And the fourth level is a need for esteem and to feel respected.

Recognition speaks to both of these important human needs.

By contributing to the building of another person’s self-esteem and sense of belonging, recognition helps fulfill the universal human desire to be accepted and valued. In other words, recognition and career advancement support our higher-level psychological needs.

Rather you agree or disagree with Maslow, one cannot deny the importance of the aforementioned human needs. also explains these human needs in a quick video. To get to the emotional and esteem section of the video, skip to 1:27.

The works that our past FAHF honorees do is amazing, and we know you know even more organizations, individuals, and businesses that advance human welfare. Celebrate and honor them by nominating them here.

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