About The Web Series

The show where creative humanitarians give you the tea on today's hottest issues and their related experiences. 

We talk with these creative change-makers about pop-culture social issues, their personal experiences that drove them to activism, and the challenges that sometimes test their altruistic spirit. Moderator and host Renita Manley-Garrett, facilitates a " sorry, not sorry" personable conversation  where these leaders can put aside their PC thoughts for a few moments of " real talk".

So, What is "Tea"

Not your ordinary tea. 

The Arts of Humani"TEA" quenches your thirst, but this tea is not the beverage of which you may be thinking. Our tea is synonymous for thought provoking perspectives, challenging opinions, and unadulterated honest conversation. Sip, and enjoy our Humani"TEA". 

Behind the "Teas"

What we're serving. 

Together, Creator & Executive Producer Renita Manley-Garrett and Co-Executive Producer Kozi Kyles direct meaningful discussions that encourage panelist to go beyond their comfort zone and open up about their lives, thoughts, and personal experiences with the hopes of encouraging viewers to effectively take on the challenges that plague our society.


Our Panelists

Most of our panelists come from the creative arts and civic industries.  Others are arts enthusiasts, philanthropists, community activists, socialites, teachers, and other Do-Gooders. 


Our Crew

The Arts of Humani"TEA" has a great team working behind the scenes to serve you the hottest tea from your favorite humanitarians. We welcome enthusiastic, fun talent to join our team. 


Our Audience

As with many productions, more fun happens behind the scenes. Our live audience enjoys the taped and behind the scenes conversations from our panelists. 



HumaniTEA Webisodes

Available now on YouTube

The first two episodes of The Arts of Humani'TEA' are available on YouTube. Episode three will be release this Fall 2016. Check 'em out and be sure to comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel. 


Episode One

" I am Woman, Hear Me Roar, Maybe"  featuring special guests Adiat Baker, Kelly Fair, Reggie Cotton, Sandi Torres, and Vauve Davis. 


Episode Two

"Do Your Art & SHUT UP!" Featuring:  Jason Johnson (Creator of Konveau), K-Love the Poet, Adia Baker, Candace " I-Canny Artistry ( Celebrity Make-Up Artist) Anderson-Edwards


Episode Three

TBA Spring 2017