Pre-Production Begins for The FAHF Awards 2016

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The production team that blends the arts, entertainment & humanity launches its campaign efforts to kickoff pre-production for

The FAHF Awards 2016

Chicago, IL., June 24, 2016 –  The Arts of Humanity ( The AofH ) via its AofH Production division is taking its next step to making The FAHF Awards a nationally broadcasted live event production with the announcement today of their budding partnership with JBTV Studio. The FAHF Awards 2016 is preparing to film at JBTV studio this fall and an exclusive recap of the production will be   featured on the Billboard winning music show, JBTV.

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“Each year, The FAHF Awards honors creative humanitarians for using innovation and creativy to advance humanity. I’m thrilled that we are  growing our production and increasing our audience to provide a larger platform for our FAHF Humanitarians,” states Renita Manley-Garrett, Executive Director of The AofH and Creator of The FAHF Awards.  “ No other production provides a platform like ours to honor creative Do – Gooders and to  provide inspiration. I’m glad we can make that happen; I’m glad we’re a resource for humanitarianism.”

“While we’re focusing on strengthening the production of FAHF to appeal to cable networks for future program development and broadcasting, the event side will remain entertaining and meaningful to our attendees,” states Zoe Kristen, Associate Director of The AofH and Associate Producer of The FAHF Awards. “ With portions of The FAHF Awards being broadcasted to the WJYS and the Tuff TV audience, we have the welcomed challenge of appealing to a significantly increased combined audience of more than 40 million viewers with a more inspirational, yet edgy production.”

“The FAHF Awards pre-production campaign will focus on garnering fiscal support from businesses and the public. For the first time, we are utilizing online marketplaces such as Sponsor My Event and Public Good to help fund The FAHF Awards, which also doubles as a fundraiser for AofH,”  states Mark Jackson, Co-Executive Producer of The FAHF Awards.

Bar Louie and Dr. Kaufman of Chicago Dentistry are among current FAHF sponsors and donors. “What an amazing event! We are honored to be a part of this incredible foundation”, states Dr. Kaufman.

The Arts of Humanity (AofH) is a 501c3 organization that teaches, develops, and recognizes creative humanitarians. The recent premier of their new YouTube web series “ The Arts of HumaniTEA” is AofH’s latest production, expanding their digital presence.  Learn more by visiting their website at www.TheAofH.org.

View the trailer for The Arts of HumaniTEA by clicking here.




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